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This audio is designed as a tool to establish your susceptibility to being hypnotized. Although it is not a definitive conclusion, it allows one to determine where, on the scale, your ability to be hypnotized lies. The struggle around being open to hypnosis lies primarily in the perceived belief around control and overthinking. The key is around the ability to suspend the need for control as well as the need to overthink. Much like a movie theater - if we are able to set our preconceptions aside then we become more able to enjoy the experience. Hypnosis has that same element.

During they hypnotic state - you ARE in control. You are conscious and you can "awaken" at any point that you choose. Many of us actually reach the state of hypnosis but are unaware of it. For example, when we drive a familiar route we tend to get into the "zone" and are surprised that we have arrived without noticing certain familiar landmarks along the way. Going to a movie is also similar to hypnosis - we suspend our judgments and allow the movie to take us where it wants us to go. If you do struggle around this audio, all is not lost. Practice will help you to obtain this relaxed state and you are encouraged to come back to the audio repeatedly until you achieve your goal. Approach this and any hypnotic process from a place of curiosity and wide-open wonder. Begin with setting your Intention.

A word to the wise . . . the purpose of this audio, and the audios being offered, is to facilitate your Spiritual Journey. Please approach this journey with this in mind. A strong recommendation is made to avoid mood altering chemicals, drugs or alcohol as it may result interrupt your session and result in adverse experiences.

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